A family business with values, personality and a clear attitude – to fashion and to life. Down-to-earth and authentic, Stehmann has been dedicated to women's trousers since 1971. When our story began, the women's trousers in their diversity was still a young fashionable theme, today it is an absolute essential, which is above all about one thing: an excellent fit. We at Steh-mann therefore dedicate ourselves to the perfect fit just as uncompromisingly as to our claim to traditional, first-class production and reliable, fine quality. We, Judith Stehmann and Frank Stehmann, now lead the company as siblings in the second generation. Together with 70 employees, our company has 50 years of fashion experience and unique expertise. New ideas and concepts emerge from our company. We achieve flexibility through the many in-house solutions. Here with us in Fürth, the first design idea is created, the cutting of the CAD as well as the first prototypes in our sample sewing shop and also the purchase and sales take place on site, as well as ultimately the goods deliveries in our sorting warehouse.


From the first idea in the design, to the cutting in our CAD, to the first prototype from our sample sewing - all our models have their origin in Fürth. Only after our employees have passed the feel-good test do the models get the chance to become Stehmann pants. The know-how remains in-house. 


Stehmann pants are thoughtfully designed and the perfect mix of traditional know-how and creative innovations - for our customers they are true favorites. Continuity and reliability of fit apply to "all-day favorites" in proven cuts or trendy fashion pieces - always matching the personal style world of our customers. We have translated this world into three strong collection lines.